Swarm of bats invade local man's home, experts offer tips for removal

Published: Jul. 9, 2019 at 11:22 PM CDT
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Bats are becoming a major problem for some local residents.

One homeowner that lives in the 300 block of Forty Oaks Farm Road in West Monroe says close to one hundred bats have invaded their home. Terry Carter submitted video to KNOE showing the flying creatures swarming around his house. He claims the problem has been going on for at least two weeks.

Janael Salas, Head of Commercial for the pest removal company Get Bats Out, says summer is birthing season for bats. Which means this time of year is a peak time where these unruly pests can become uninvited visitors in your home.

Salas is now warning homeowners of the potential dangerous homeowners can face if they try to remove these mammals on their own.

She says bats are protected by special environmental laws and regulations across the country, including in Louisiana. These animals are considered an endangered species, making them illegal to kill.

Because of these laws, Salas says homeowners should call the experts and let them handle any removal.

“This is a more active time because the pups are in the roost,” said Salas. “Around mid-July, the babies are probably going out with the mothers at this point. They might be sort of clinging on to them, so not necessarily flying on their own, but they may be coming out as well.”

The CDC recommends that if anyone sees a bat inside of their house, that they should seek receiving a rabies vaccination.

For more information on preventative measures and assistance on any bat related issues, you can visit their website at