Surveillance video captures drive-by shooting, neighbors call for an end to the violence

WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Resident's describe Monday's shootout as a scene from a movie.

"It happens to where you're scared to even go out your front door," said Nora Hewitt.

Surveillance video outside the A-1 Convenience Store on Coleman Avenue captured the violent exchange. The video shows someone opening the passenger door of a black pickup truck and start firing into what appears to be a grey Dodge Charger.

Police are unsure if anyone was actually hit, however multiple stray rounds did riddle one woman's home.

"As I was walking through the living room I heard some strange-like noise. I didn't recognize it as gunfire yet," said Carmen Maza. "I walked to the door and when I started to reach for the door I hesitated because then I recognized gun fire."

Police arrested Lafabian Sellers as the accused shooter. Carmen Maza says its a blessing she wasn't killed.

"If they would've went all the way through I would've gotten hit," said Maza.

People say Monday's shooting adds to a long list of violent crimes in this area. One woman says this is the fourth shooting since the start of the year in this neighborhood.

"I got a house right over here and my grandkids can't even come play over there because of the shooting and stuff that's going on," said Hewitt.

Residents are now calling on the violence to stop.

"It all starts at home. It all starts at home," said Dantavious White.

White lives one block away from where the shooting happened. He was watching his 4-year-old son play in the front yard when he says he heard at least six gunshots ring out. White says if people want to see change, it starts in the household.

"There's only two things that can happen in this life, especially when you go out and decide to make a decision such as robbing a store or even rob somebody themselves. Two things can happen. They can either pull out a gun, shoot you and you wind up in the hospital. Or you wind up in the morgue somewhere."

This is the message he hopes to send out to public.

“If you train your child up in the way he should go, when he or she get older they will not depart from it,” said White. “Let's get our kids off the streets and let's stop this unnecessary violence."

Sellers is charged with illegal use of weapons or dangerous instruments. The case remains under investigation.