Stylist shows student how to find great fashions for less

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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE) - It's no secret students want to be stylist, but that can sometimes come with a hefty price tag for parents.

Personal stylist Tyra George helps A'Aliyah Cox select several outfits at West Monroe's Couture Consignment.

Personal stylist Tyra George, owner of EyeIVStyle, and her niece A'Aliyah Cox love fashion. Cox is a student at Delta school and is always looking for great fashions, but like most students doesn't always have the money to pay the price.

George took A'Aliyah to Couture Consignment to do a little shopping.

George said, "For me everyday fashion is just like breathing. For me clothes is just like art, like paint to an artist. It's the way I express myself, my creativity, and it uplifts me. I get happy when I get dressed."

As the two browsed the hangers at the locally-owned store, Cox was looking for items that matched her sense of style.

She said, "Bright clothes. Spots. Stripes. Animals on there. I like those kinds of clothes." Cox continued, "I don't like putting on dark [colored] clothes because they make me feel moody. I feel like your appearance [represents] your personality."

Shopping at thrift and consignment stores is something George said she was forced to do at first.

"Years ago I needed a job and I did not have clothes, so I went to my very first Goodwill and when I went there I lost my mind. I saw that I could get labels, I could get prints, I could get everything that's usually much more expensive in a department store for way less," the personal stylist said.

George was able to find three looks for A'Aliyah: casual, homecoming, and Fall. The price range for the outfits before taxes was $27 - $99.

Cox said she was very pleased with the final looks and even more pleased with the prices.

George said she loves shopping at thrift and consignment stores because items found are rare, which means she doesn't worry about anyone else having the same items.

Couture Consignment owner, Alicia Britt, said her store doesn't accept items older than two years because she wants to make sure her customers get quality products at affordable prices. Also, Britt said she often get brand name items into her store with original tags on them. She explained boutique stores will often bring items to her store in hopes of the items selling there.