WSJ study shows Louisiana is the 2nd most dangerous state for cyclists

Published: Oct. 2, 2018 at 5:54 PM CDT
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If you're a bike rider in Louisiana, you could be more at risk to be involved in an accident.

A new study by the Wall Street Journal ranks the state to be the second most dangerous state for cyclists. It says traffic and distracted driving are two of the biggest reasons.

Matt Rose and Noah Hopkins are cyclists. They say they weren't shocked by the study.

"As a cyclist's point of view, there's been a lot of wrecks and a lot of accidents that have happened and as cyclists, we have to take in the fact that we're never going to when the battle of a car hits us,” Rose said.

The study shows from 2007-2016, Louisiana is second only to Florida when it comes to deadly bike accidents.

Numbers they say have jumped 35 percent since 1991.

The Baton Rouge newspaper "The Advocate" looked at Louisiana numbers in particular. They found 93 cyclists were killed here since 2015.

"Bicycle safety needs to be more aware,” Rose said. “Whether you're on the road, whether you're the cyclist or the driver. Just being aware on the road. I personally read that article when it first came out being seen is one thing we have to be aware of as cyclists because drivers are going a lot faster than we are."

DOTD says they are working to reduce that number. They sent KNOE a statement saying in part:

"DOTD is currently partnering with several cities and regional planning commissions to review bicycle and pedestrian crash data. We are deeply saddened and outraged by the rising number of bicycle, pedestrian, and vehicle fatalities in our state and urge all road users to be respectful of each other, as well as the laws of the road."

Rose and Hopkins say until then, cyclist should also continue to make themselves as noticeable as possible.

The study also says men in their late 50's are more likely to be involved in a bike accident.