LaDelta Community College nursing students claiming racism

Lousiana Delta Community College students claiming racism after final exam answers given to a...
Lousiana Delta Community College students claiming racism after final exam answers given to a certain race.(KNOE)
Published: Jan. 23, 2018 at 7:48 PM CST
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Several nursing students from Louisiana Delta Community College claim their instructor, Leslie McMurray discriminated against them, last month.



The students KNOE spoke with wish to have their identities kept secret because of their professions.

The students say McMurray handed out a study guide for their final exam which was scheduled for December 4th. A week before she allegedly took a white student's notes and highlighted the answers for the final exam.

The students say McMurray "instructed them not to give [the notes] to the blacks or no one associated with the blacks."

One student who received the notes told KNOE they shared what McMurray had done with the black students. Following the allegations, officials from the college held an investigation and closed-door meetings with all students who had received notes.

KNOE received screen grabs of text messages from a group chat, which supposedly consisted of some white students who had received the notes. The text messages say in part:

"What are we talking to that lady about."

"I don't want to say I have any notes."

Other texts show the students worrying about protecting McMurray.

"Do we say there are no highlights from Leslie?"

"What if they ask to see them."

After the closed-door meetings, one student in the group chat sent this message in part: "We were just protecting Leslie because of what they said about her."

McMurray can be heard in an audio clip provided by another student to KNOE saying "I highlighted what I thought they needed to focus on."

In the clip, viewers can hear McMurray asking the class to raise their hands if they did not receive notes. Later in the clip, viewers can hear one student asking why it is that "all these people you are giving this to are the blacks."

The students said the situation hurt them both physically and mentally because they never thought they would experience something like this. And, they have a message for McMurray.

"I trusted you with my education. like how could you try to plot against us because of the color of our skin."

Chancellor Dennis Epps sent KNOE this statement:

"Louisiana Delta Community College takes the cares and concerns of all of our students and employees very seriously, as we strive to promote an atmosphere conducive to learning. With that being said, upon learning of the allegations of racial bias at the Winnsboro Campus, we quickly launched a very thorough investigation. The outcome revealed no evidence of racial bias. Louisiana Delta Community College is committed to a culture of inclusion and always wants to do the right thing. If new facts or information become available, the investigation would obviously be re-opened."