Students, parents plan to stick with Excellence Academy despite its closure

MONROE, La (KNOE) - Jahzara Edwards-Davis is a 4.0 student and singer at Excellence Academy in Monroe.
Shyness is something she said the charter school has helped her get rid of.

"You get with a lot of people that have the same talent as you and the same mindset as you, and they just help your bring it out of you and you're going to do this right now."

That motivation is what she said she will miss.

"I met a lot of people here and I had a lot of opportunities here that I didn't have in previous schools," she said.

Her father Earl Davis isn't happy with the judge's decision either.
There's a few things he's worried about if his daughter goes to a public school.

"A host of different types of people coming in, it's a lot looser, you learn at a regimented pace rather than at your level of learning or accomplishments," Davis said.

Members of the Monroe City School Board said the main reason for shutting down the school was the school's overall grade.
They said Excellence Academy has a 'D' average.

Davis said his daughter isn't proof of that.

"I think that she can be an asset, because the forum is there for her to be able to assist," Davis said.

Edwards-Davis scored a level of advanced and mastery on her LEAP test this spring.

"I would just hope that if there is a fight to continue if this goes any further. That excellence will come through," said Davis.

In court Monday, the judge dismissed the lawsuit that could have kept the school open. The school is expected to file an appeal this week.
The school's executive director said Excellence Academy will open Sept.5.
That's if their appeal is approved.

The Monroe City Superintendent encourages parents to enroll students into a nearby public school because the school is closed as of now.

Original Story:

The Monroe City School Board voted to stick with its decision to not renew the charter for Excellence Academy Tuesday afternoon.
This follows a report saying the school wasn't meeting standards.

"I expected the board to make a political decision that's why we filed a written mandamus in the district court to get in front of a judge, who won't go on political views, but will go on what the law says," Excellence Academy's Executive Director, Roosevelt Wright Jr. said.

He hopes a judge will order the school board to grant its charter for another year, saying its meeting all school board regulations.

Those regulations include organization and financial standards. It must also have a letter grade of a 'D' or better, which the report says it didn't have.

"All the board members had an open mind about this," said the school board's president, Rodney McFarland. "We took all of the information in."

Excellence Academy's lawyers said it's not enough and they're confident a judge will rule in their favor and reinstate the charter.
But, as far as the board is concerned it's a final decision.