"Strike it Rich" Sweepstakes Scam

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MONROE, La (KNOE) - Sweepstakes scams appeal to our "too good to be true" human weakness and its back in a letter this time called the "Strike it Rich" Sweepstakes. A caller reports that she received a letter asking her to call and verify her name and address to qualify for the grand prize of $5000 a week for 52 weeks. The number in the letter us 888-865-5352. This number is tied to the BBB report for the National Magazine Exchange in Seminole Florida and a location in Clearwater FL.

Courtesy: MGN Online

The business is NOT a BBB accredited business and does business as 21 different names.
• NME (i.e. National Magazine Exchange)
• National Publishers Exchange
• ThinkDirect Marketing Group, Inc.
• Wellness4Life
• StrikeItRich.com
• Pat Haines
• Wellness4LifePlus.com
• ED Wright
• Strike IT Rich Rewards
• E. Wright
• Strike IT Rich Sweepstakes
• Strike IT Riches
• National Renewal Exchange
• Wineoceros Wine Club
• Sir Jewelers
• Value Network
• Prizepub.com
• Magazine Exchange Club
• Pirate Payout
Also disturbing, is a BBB Alert that describes what has happened here in Northeast La.

• The company mails notices inviting people to call and enter the Million Dollar "Strike It Rich" Sweepstakes.
• There is no purchase necessary to enter the sweepstakes.
• The odds of winning are determined by the number of people who enter.
• The company estimates the odds at no more than 1 in 26 million.
• The sweepstakes promotion is used by the company to promote magazine subscriptions.

According to the public report on bbb.org
"Our file experience shows that the company has received complaints alleging billing disputes, misinterpretation of the sweepstakes promotion, and misunderstanding the company's billing terms. The company has addressed most complaints brought to its attention by BBB by canceling the consumer's account or responding to questions regarding the sweepstakes promotion or its billing procedures"

The letter should be regarded as an offer that is high risk. Consumers who readily make these phone calls to "check out" an
offer should understand that all businesses associated with this one company now have the right to call you…so you have invalidated any
DO NOT CALL preference you have had. Your one phone call then is legally interpreted as "PERMISSION TO CONTACT ME"
So think carefully and make informed decisions about how you proceed if this offer shows up in your mailbox! Call your BBB at 387-4600
If you have questions about this story and thank the accredited business in NORTHEAST LA for making these reports possible!