Sterlington Police Department enforcing leash law

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STERLINGTON, La. (KNOE) - Sterlington Police Department is warning pet owners to keep their dogs on a leash or get a ticket. This comes after a dog was viciously attacked on Thursday morning.

Photo courtesy: MGN

Bruce Bonner is the owner of the dog attacked. He says this is the second time a pet they owned has been attacked. He says the first dog died after the attack, but this time around, their dog Pixie survived.

"She was hollering and hollering and bleeding. She was bleeding like a stuck hog." - Bruce says.

When they all walked outside, Bruce says one of the dogs had their teeth biting into pixies left eye. She's now blind in that eye.

Bruce says he knew who the dogs that attacked his belonged to.

"The yellow dog has never shown any aggression towards pixie." - Bruce says.

Which is why his son, Sterlington Police Chief, Barry Bonner, is working to enforce Ouachita Parish's leash law.

"We don't need any more animal laws; we just need to enforce the animal laws that we have." - Barry says.

The law says pet owners have to keep their dogs on a leash and can not let them roam free.

If your dog is attacked, Barry says you have rights.

"If you have an animal on your property and they are attacking, you have the right to defend life." - Barry says.

By whatever means necessary.

"You can take whatever actions necessary to stop a threat, and that would be up to lethal force." - Barry says.

You can also sue the dog's owners for damages.

In Bruce's case, he says his neighbors apologized.

"She's sorry it happened, and as far as I know, she has removed the dogs out of the parish." - Bruce says.

Barry Bonner says the owners of the attack dogs could face legal action. He says they were summoned to appear in court for violation of the leash law.