Sterlington Mayor Resigns to Seek a New Opportunity

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In the Town of Sterlington, Mayor Vern Breland has resigned.

In his resignation letter, Breland says he's leaving office due to a new job opportunity he couldn't pass up.

He says he's been actively considering leaving for about two years now.

Breland's resignation comes just a month before the mid-term elections, and three months before his term was slated to end.

He served roughly twelve years as mayor.

Both town leaders and residents are sad to see him go.

"I hate to see him leave but he was not seeking re-election. I've served with him for the last eight years and I've been his mayor pro temp for the last four, so it's going to be business as usual. I've been able to watch, see, and learn a lot underneath him," said Lucy Holtzclaw, the Sterlington Mayor Pro Temp.

Town officials will appoint an interim mayor at their next meeting.

Once appointed, that person will serve until a new mayor takes over after the November elections.