Customers frustrated over OMV's statewide computer system outage

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Louisiana residents who went to the Office of Motor Vehicles on Wednesday were in for an unfortunate surprise. Customers were not only met with long lines, but a crashed computer system too.

Monroe's Office of Motor Vehicles.

OMV spokesperson Karen St. Germain says the outage happened around 8 a.m. and that crews have been working to figure out what caused the crash.

"We had a line way back there. It was about maybe 50 to 60 people in line," one customer said.

Customers even say they've been waiting since 5 a.m. so they could secure a spot. They say OMV workers told them the system would be back up at noon, but when noon came, they were told to go home because the system would be down for the remainder of the day.

Some customers traveled from as far as Lake Providence and Tallulah because only the Monroe office could help with the services they needed.

"I went all the way to Winnsboro, and they do not perform the installment plan, so I had to turn around and come to Monroe," another customer said.

St. Germain says they're planning to improve their systems through modern technology, and is asking everyone to be patient.

Here is the last update provided on the Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles Facebook Page:

"All Vehicle Registration systems are currently available. Driver's License and Reinstatement systems are unavailable at this time. We are diligently working to resolve the situation."