State of emergency for Oak Grove Water System

Town of Oak Grove Water System | Photo: KNOE

OAK GROVE, La. (KNOE) - A state of emergency has been declared for the Oak Grove Water System. A resolution was passed by the mayor and city council on Friday because of a failing ground storage tank.

Oak Grove is a town of 1,727 in as of the 2010 census.

The following news release was sent to KNOE 8 News. It is reproduced here in its entirety.


Oak Grove Mayor Adam Holland and the Oak Grove Town Council passed a resolution at a special meeting Friday, October 12, 2018, declaring a state of emergency for the Oak Grove Water System due to a failing ground storage tank (GST) at the treatment plant.

It should be noted that this is an emergency that affects only the supply of reserve water that is stored and not the safety or quality of the water itself. No boil advisories or orders are being issued.

Late in the afternoon of October 11, 2018, it was discovered that the ground storage tank is in such a state of disrepair that it calls for a total replacement. The cost of this replacement is estimated to be between $375,000 and $400,000. Once these funds are available, it could take up to eight months after procurement for delivery of the new tank.

“The health, safety, and well-being of the citizens of Oak Grove and West Carroll Parish are paramount to our administration,” Mayor Holland said. “After seeing the severity of the condition of our ground storage tank after it had been drained, cleaned, and inspected by Ouachita Tank Services, we determined our best course of action to remedy the situation in a timely manner was to declare a state of emergency.”

By declaring a state of emergency, the town has the potential to qualify for state emergency assistance funding, and it will also accelerate the procurement process.

The GST stores 500,000 gallons of the town’s 800,000-gallon reserve capacity of drinking and usable water. Without this GST, the public could be endangered in case of fire. Also without it, there may not be enough capacity to serve the New Carroll Water System, Forest Water System, and Fiske-Union Water System as an emergency backup.

The Town Council voted to make temporary repairs to the GST, but this is no guarantee that it will be a long-term fix.

The Mayor has already been in contact with our state legislation delegation and other consultants in reference to acquisition of emergency funds to offset any cost without depleting the town’s monetary reserves.