St. Francis Medical Center is getting some new technology

Published: Jan. 21, 2019 at 12:25 PM CST
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St. Francis Medical Center is the recipient of two Starlight Fun Centers. They rolled out the mobile entertainment stations Saturday. It gives kids ways to play video games and ways to watch movies while in the hospital.

The fun centers will be available to any child. On Saturday, Alfonso Thornton was the first to use the new system. He's in St. Francis' Pediatric wing once a month, and says this will take his mind off the treatment. "I'm bored a lot of the time so this gives me something to do," says Alfonso.

His mom, Kimberly Thornton, says it's hard to bring everything when they come to the hospital. "We bring his backpack full of his little games like that trying to keep him occupied, so this will be wonderful, already here," says Kimberly.

The pediatric ICU at Saint Francis is also getting changes. They've been working on construction updates for a few weeks now, moving the PICU up to the Pediatrics floor and adding six beds.

The hospital is also creating a new adult ICU. It will be near the emergency room, where the PICU was, and it will have ten beds. They expect construction on both projects to finish up in the next few months.