Special needs teacher drags autistic boy down hall

Courtesy: CNN Newsource
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CHARLESTON, Wv. Angel Nelson and her family just moved to Wurtland on October 1st. Her son Alan has autism and other disabilities.

"It breaks my heart for him, because he does try so hard to fit in," says Nelson."He's trying to adapt, make friends."

Angel got a call from Wurtland Elementary October 24th that her son had been involved in an incident.

"He had an outburst and they were trying to remove him from the classroom but she restrained him the wrong way, and it was 100% preventable."

Surveillance video subpoena'd by the family's lawyer shows a teacher dragging the 9-year-old up and down the hallway by his wrists.

"I was in shock and i was very traumatized, for this to happen in front of all of his classmates, it's just something no mother wants to hear."

Angel says her son told her the teacher also roughly threw him into a chair in a classroom.

That moment was not recorded.

Angel says because that camera was turned away facing a corner.

"What else has she done that we don't know about?"

The family says the woman in the video was in charge of the special needs program at the school.

"This was the same lady that looked us straight in the eye and said 'listen, your son is safe with me. i've got several years of experience. he's safe,'" says Neson, stepfather.

"He's been having nightmares," says Neson's mother.

The superintendent told WSAZ that woman no longer teaches at the school.

"I did not want my son to go back while she was still working there."

The stepfather says losing her job is not enough.

"She did abuse a child. and i think anybody that does that to a child should go to jail," says Neson

The teacher is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday and is expected to be charged with fourth degree assault.