Sinkhole spreads at Ruston apartment complex causing water outage, families evacuate

Ruston residents say massive sinkhole causes water outage.
Ruston residents say massive sinkhole causes water outage.(KNOE)
Published: Dec. 31, 2018 at 4:24 PM CST
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Residents say as of Monday evening water is back on.


Residents at Cinnamon Court Apartments in Ruston are without water as of Sunday night. The water outage comes just a week after the driveway of the complex collapsed.

"I'm in total shock right now," Gary Lampley said. "We're not able to shower, cook, or clean the apartment and on top of that this sinkhole."

Some families have evacuated. Last week, the sinkhole was about ten feet long. It has spread since then. Residents say it started after the sidewalk collapsed near the playground. Crews have been on and off the scene working to fix it.

Cita Gorham says the sinkhole makes her nervous although she does not live directly near it.

"Stressful. Scared. Especially for the people that it is closest to," Gorham said.

Residents that live on the farthest end have to drive on the sidewalk and through yards to get in and out. They say they have not gotten any notices from the management.

"I haven't received anything," Lampley said. "At least drop the rent or at least find a hotel for the neighbors."

"Management is somewhat leaving us in the blind because not telling us what's going on," Gorham said. "I hope nothing tragic happens."

Residents say there have not been any injuries so far. Families are still unaware of what caused the sinkhole and if it will continue to spread.

KNOE tried talking with the property manager, but she says she cannot speak to the media. Tra-Dor manages the complex.