Shooting in Ruston leaves one person hospitalized

RUSTON, La. (KNOE) - Ruston Police officials say they responded to shots fired last night at an apartment complex near Louisiana Tech University's campus.

Courtesy: KNOE 8 News

Officials say they believe it occurred at the Campus Evolution Apartments.

"I heard the first shot, and that's when we turned the music and the TV down, and then we heard the next one like a few seconds later,' says William Waddell, who lives in the Campus Evolution Apartments.

He says they didn't know what was going on. "I didn't expect it to be gunshots I thought it would be like he said fireworks," says Velvet Siddell.

Neighbors say it's usually a safe area, so it' surprising this would happen so close to the university.

"It is very eerie to know that you're in the college housing and they're shooting over here," says Waddell.

Police say the victim is in stable condition at a hospital in Shreveport.

Detectives say the shooting is still under investigation and no information on a suspect has been released yet.

One witness who wanted to remain anonymous says he knows the people involved in the shooting.

"What I was told is that it was a drug deal gone wrong," says the witness. Ruston Police have not confirmed that.

The witness says he was worried about the shooting being so close to his home and his kids.

"My kids that really scared me because my kids were playing at the time, but they're alright [...] I am going to keep an eye on my kids when they go outside," says the witness.

He says he hopes police will start patrolling the area more after the shooting.