Children describe experience as storms sweep through Union Parish

Published: Apr. 25, 2019 at 7:15 PM CDT
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Trees are down blocking several roads in and around Downsville after a tornado swept through the area. The worst damage is being reported on Highway 15. The sheriff's office also blocked off parts of Pardue road.

North Spillway Road is open but still has trees blocking a few lanes. Kelly Road and Foster Road were left with a lot of debris in the street.

The Union Parish Sheriff's Office reported people were trapped in their home and cars. They also reported several power lines down.

Sheriff Dusty Gates said the storms left many homes with no electricity. Union Parish residents say fallen trees have caused a lot of damage to their homes.

Mackenzie Gordon says she was at a sleepover when her friend's mom woke her up and rushed her into the closet.

"I was like really scared and nervous. I didn't really know what was going on at first,” said Mackenzie.

She said she was worried for her family and their home miles away.

Mackenzie's siblings, Brooklyn and Colston, also hid in a closet as they waited for their mother.

"We were in a closet, my mama's closet with no windows, no nothing," said Mackenzie’s younger brother Colston.

“I didn't hear my mom screaming my name. She tried to get up and get us but it was already dark and she fell and hit her eye so she has a black eye right now,” said Brooklyn.

After the storm, they were reunited with Mackenzie. The Union Parish Sheriff's Office is still surveying all the damage. They say residents could be out of power until next week.

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