Security expected to tighten around Olympic Games

Courtesy: KNOE
Courtesy: KNOE
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RIO DE JANEIRO (CBS News) - The Summer Olympic Games are underway, but security around Rio De Janeiro is expected to get even tighter around the sporting venues.

From the famed Copacabana Beach to the sports venues at Olympic Park - more than 80,000 officers and military personal are on guard in Rio De Janeiro, protecting some 500,000 tourists visiting for the games, like Amory Waters from Wisconsin

"There's a cop on every corner with lights on," Waters said. "The army is driving around all the time. I don't think there should be any problems."

On Saturday, a bomb squad blew up an unattended bag near the finish line of the men's cycling road race. no one was hurt. There are renewed concerns about security lapses after Brazilian Police arrested 10 terror suspects plotting an attack.

With a full backpack, journalist Aaron Gordon walked into Olympic Park, no questions asked.

"A solider directed us to a security tent but there was only one person manning the security tent and he wasn't even facing the screen that shows you what's inside the bags as it goes through the conveyor," Gordon said. "Then we walked through the metal detector, even though again, there wasn't anyone on the metal detector. I had my cell phone in my pocket and it didn't go off, so I'm not even sure the metal detector was on."

On the flip side, Rio residents claim police brutality is on the rise because of the Olympic Games.

"They really want to threaten and make poor people stay away from tourist areas," one protester said.

Just outside Friday's opening ceremony, police used tear gas and rubber bullets to break up protestors of the games.

While no problems have been reported so far, the U.S. State Department is warning travelers of a high risk for thefts, armed robbery, credit card and ATM scams.