Secure Yourself, Pt. IV

MONROE, La. (KNOE) - A Monroe man is proving that even as the owner of a security system company, anyone can be a victim of theft.

Courtesy: KNOE

Wade Tucker, Vice-President of Automated Alarms in Monroe, says he's using his experiences to help people... and it's not just professional experience. Tucker has been a victim of theft, too.

"I thought having a security sign and stickers on the doors would cause people to say, 'Hey, that guy's got a security system, let's not do that house'… Well, that's not true," Tucker says.

Tucker's home and car have been broken into twice. On other occasions, he's simply caught people roaming around his property.

"The incident I had at my house... a young man shows up at my house, he rings the doorbell, immediately pulls out his cell phone, puts it to his ear, [and] looks up into the window to see if anybody was home."

Tucker says it didn't matter that printed clearly on his door was his company's security sticker.

"I know he saw it, but what he didn't see was the security camera about eight feet away from his head."

The man's face, clothes and demeanor was caught all on camera as he roamed around the property, which ended up benefiting Tucker and police.

"They found him the next day," Tucker says. "Picked him up walking and wearing the same description. Same jacket."

Tucker says the suspect had breaking into several homes in his neighborhood, and seeing him on his home cameras was surreal.

"I was upset… but on the other thing, I was intrigued in a way," Tucker says.

Since being broken into three years ago, Tucker and his wife have received two restitution checks recently from the man who broke into their home.

"I never really expected to get anything," says Tucker. "Maybe he'll decide to take a different path."

But Tucker himself isn't taking a different path. His history with the security systems business goes back to his father, who started the company. Now, along with his brother, the three men work to keep their customers' homes and businesses secure.

"You can't put a price on your family, you can't put a price on your things, and you can't undo a tragedy."

Tucker says if someone wants to break in bad enough, they'll find a way, but cameras and security systems do provide a way for law enforcement to catch them in the long run.


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