Schulze Dining Hall on the ULM campus offers a true dining experience.

MONROE, La (KNOE) “It has been our little secret here in town. What it is, we try to make it a home away from home,” said Thomas Varytimidis, Food Service Director for ULM Dining.

I don’t recall my college cafeteria having an omelet station. Cooked to order and customized at Schulze Dining Hall on University of Louisiana-Monroe’s campus.

“We serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner through the week. Feed 2000 kids a day during the week and 1000 on weekends,” said Varytimidis.

“I love it here. That’s why I got the biggest meal plan so I could eat most of my meals here. This is better than anything I could cook back at the apartment,” said Joey Walker.

“It’s actually good. Especially the breakfast. Better than home? Yes,” said Catelon Bradley.

Saturday and Sunday brunch is everything you expect a brunch to be…minus the mimosas, of course.

From scrambled eggs with biscuits and gravy to waffles, baked ham and green beans. Southern fare as far as the eye can see.

But it’s not just for students and faculty. Schulze is open to the public. And, boy, do they come. Especially for Liz’s fried chicken.

Elizabeth Grayson has been serving up her grandmother’s fried chicken on campus for 39 years.

“What makes it so good? Love. When you put love in it that’s all it takes. And they’re going to come back for more every time,” said Grayson.

And for lighter selections, there’s an extensive salad bar. All fresh and full of color and variety. And if your breakfast taste buds lean more to the sweet side of life, there are cinnamon rolls, muffins, and even fruit loops. The bottom line is, whether you want to go grazing through all the stations or your temptations are a combination of savory and sweet, ULM dining is sure to feed your soul.

“To experience that on a college campus and it’s good. It’s just a wow experience. And we want to create that wow experience for everyone that comes through the door,” said Carday Marshall, Food Service Manager at Schulze Dining Hall.

Schulze is closed for the summer. Schulze will open back up for the students and the public this Fall.