School bus full of kids gets stuck in giant pothole...and Twitter goes nuts

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - On Thursday morning, a school bus full of students got stuck in a massive pothole in Jackson and social media went into a frenzy over it (don’t worry - no one was injured and everyone made it off the bus safely!).

The JPS bus got bogged down while turning from Lamar Street onto McTyere Avenue.

The students were evacuated from the bus, and waited as a utility truck came along and pulled it out of the hole. The bus was still operable and once it became unstuck it was able to transport the children to school.

This isn’t the first time it’s happened.

“My son was laughing, was like the bus is stuck again," said Dominique Womack. “I was like who do we need to call. He said call 3 On Your Side. That’s the second bus that got stuck there, last year... my daughter was on there. They was going to Lanier when it got stuck. These pot holes are just terrible here.”

In a statement, Jackson Public Schools says, “A bus carrying approximately 22 students sank in a hole while attempting to cross the road. Students were later transported to school. No injuries were reported.”

Meanwhile, Twitter had a field day after photos of the situation got around town.

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