Santa Claus works in the off season on Classic Hits La 105 in Monroe

MONROE, La (KNOE) Even Santa Claus has to do a little shopping at WalMart.

It’s difficult for him to fly beneath the radar, even without the big red jacket.

That unmistakable laugh gives him away.

“I think you have to have a heart for it. You have to have a love for kids,” said Santa Clause aka Jim Elliott.

So with the Christmas season upon us, he has many personal appearances to make. Since kids are learning that Santa lives in Monroe during the “off” season and not at the North Pole, he seldom leaves the house without the full regalia.

Santa says he now knows that the dream was planted in his heart to be Saint Nick in 1973. He was just a small child growing up in Oak Grove when his father was injured and couldn’t work.

“We had nothing. The chief of police pulled up in our driveway one morning and he opened his trunk. My mother thought I was in trouble but I wasn’t. He opened the trunk of his car and there were presents galore," said Elliott.

He says it was actually Mrs. Claus who told him he was put on this earth to be Santa Claus for this generation. But he already had a “day’ job.

“Classic hits La 105 it’s Carol King”

Santa’s hobby and alter ego is playing “Big Jim Elliott” on Classic Hits La 105 alongside Griffin Scott in the mornings. Fortunately, The DJ job doesn’t interfere with his duties as Santa. And that booming radio voice comes in handy.

He says the hardest part of being Santa is not being able to fulfill every Christmas request.

“Some things I can’t do. I can’t bring Dad back. I can’t bring Mom back. But you can keep them alive right here and right here,” said Elliott.

Keeping hope and love alive he says is the secret to his success. And he’s sharing that hope with kids in northeast Louisiana and all over the world by encouraging them to dream big.

“So many children don’t realize they have it in them to be the next Santa,” said Elliott.

Keep on loving one another keep on hoping is his advice to every child.

To book Santa and Mrs. Claus you can find them on Facebook at Twin City Santa La.