Salvation Army shows off renovated building during "Lunch and Learn" event

Courtesy: KNOE 8 News
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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Monroe's Salvation Army is showing off a brand new look.

Tuesday, Captain Jerry Casey and the rest of the Salvation Army team hosted community leaders for what they called a "Lunch and Learn" event.

Casey led people on a tour of the renovated facility that re-opened in August. People in attendance also got to hear first-hand testimonies from people who the Salvation Army has helped.

Casey says the new building is a validation of hard work.

"I'm very proud of what it looks like today," Casey said. "I mean, it's a clean, safe, healthy environment, and we're able to help the homeless out there. You know, if we don't reach out to help them, who's going to reach out to help them? And it's not that people don't want to reach out to help them, they don't quite know how to do it."'

A majority of funding and equipment for the building were donated by local businesses. Casey says the Salvation Army needs more donations and community help to sustain their success in Monroe.

The Salvation Army has been serving Monroe for 92 years.