UPDATE: Ruston's Mayor talks LifeCare hospital's closing

Courtesy: http://www.lifecarehealthpartners.com/region/northlouisiana
Courtesy: http://www.lifecarehealthpartners.com/region/northlouisiana
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RUSTON, La. (La. Workforce Commission) - UPDATE: 4/5/17 9:36pm

Ruston's Mayor Ronny Walker talked about LifeCare Specialty Hospital of North Louisiana's closing on Wednesday.

Walker said it was definitely a blow for a city known for its economic expansion. But, he's already working on a replacement plan.

""It all can't be good. You know, you're going to face these. You know, we hope that this is just an isolated case. We're working hard on other companies to come here. Because you have to diversify your economy."

ORIGINAL: 4/4/17

New LifeCare Specialty Hospital of North Louisiana has announced the permanent closure of its location in Ruston.

Today the hospital issued a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN), to announce the permanent closure of its hospital in Ruston.

The company said that they anticipate the first date for releasing employees shall occur on or around April 15, 2017, with the final termination of employment date for all employees on or around June 3, 2017.

This closure is going to affect all 167 employees.

LifeCare Specialty intends to offer employees severance benefits to help decrease the impact of the mass layoff on their employees and the Ruston community as a whole.

The LWC’s Rapid Response team is in the process of scheduling orientation sessions and re-employment workshops for all affected employees. All those affected by this hospital closure are also encouraged to visit their local Business and Career Solutions Center.

About WARN Notices
Companies are required to file WARNs under the federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act if there is a full plant closure resulting in 50 or more employees losing their jobs in any 30-day period or if there is a mass layoff during any 30-day period. A layoff is considered a mass layoff if it is more than 500 employees or if it is between 50 and 499 employees and comprises 33 percent or more of the active workforce at that particular site.