Ruston High will soon have a new school logo

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RUSTON, La. (KNOE) - Ruston High School will soon change its logo. This comes after Rutgers University reached out to the school in February over using its copyrighted "R."

Ruston will soon have a new logo. /Source: KNOE

The schools were able to come to an agreement. Now, Ruston has 10 years to remove Rutgers' "R" from its campus. This means the Bearcats will need a new logo to represent the school.

"We're hoping to have that finalized over the next couple of weeks, maybe the next couple of months," says Ricky Durrett, Lincoln schools supervisor of secondary education. "The end of August was the goal to get us a new one done."

Ruston hopes this new logo will be unique to the school and something everyone will like. “Hopefully we can find something in the future that doesn't conflict with any other school," says Jarrod Baugh, Ruston High athletic director and football coach.

Durrett says many people will look the new logo over before it’s made official. "I think they were going to get some coaches, some kids' input on that and see what they could come up with."

With a new logo comes new changes. From uniforms to playing fields, everything will have to be remodeled or taken down.

"It's not going to be cheap whenever we do it. It never is,” Baugh says. “If it were something that we'd have to do immediately, it would be a big issue. If we had to try to replace the turf this year, take that off and redo uniforms this year, that would be a major issue money-wise."

Luckily for the school, they have 10 years to make it happen which makes the process much easier.

"Us being able to stay on our regular timeline on we have to change things, it's not going to be any different than we have to replace things anyway. I don't think it's going to cause any more issues than we'd normally have."

Baugh says the transition should be smooth, and they will make the necessary changes as natural as possible.