Roe City Rollers prepare for "Mashup"

Monroe, LA (KNOE) - “If I had to compare it to a sport I might would compare it to the contact aspect of football but we don't play with a ball, we play with people,” said Rachel Waterman, Roe City Roller, Monroe's roller derby team.

“We have a librarian, a girl who is a pharmacist, a teacher. People just don't know like you're pumping gas at the gas station and she hits people, it's like your alter ego,” said Angel Osborne, another member of the Roe City Rollers.

Angel Osborne's alter ego is "Outlaw Angel"--her stage name. She's a former dog groomer from D'arbonne, Louisiana.

“This is really my love. I love this sport. I love the women who play it. It's a lot of fun,” said Osborne.

Roller derby is a sport of team speed skating that involves hockey type body checks. There are five skaters from each team on the track at one time. Four are blockers and one is the point scorer, called a jammer.

“It is aggressive, but there's a lot of finesse too. You don't have to be violent to play this port. It doesn't promote violence. There are rules,” said Osborne.

There are 17 players on the Roe City Rollers roster. They practice in an empty hanger at the Monroe airport. Part of practice is learning the art of falling.

“We make sure that everyone is trained up so injuries are as few as possible. Number one thing we teach is falls. We teach you how to fall first,” said Steve Wagner, Roe City Rollers Coach.

For Rachel Waterman, who works in retail, it's a sport that helps her when she puts up the skates and puts back on the business suit.

“It gives you a lot of confidence. You learn how to be tough more assertive but in a nice way,” said Rachel Waterman.

The Roe City Rollers will host the Derby with the Stars Mashup on Saturday, October 7, 2017 at the Monroe Civic Center. It starts at 6:00 p.m. The Rollers are always looking for more players. You can get more information on the team by going to their Facebook page