Rideshare business in the Twin Cities making things easier for parents

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - There's now a ride-sharing service in town that caters to kids. They pick up and drop off kids for a fee.

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Twin Cities Yellow Cab (Courtesy: KNOE)

It's called Kid'z Courier and is based off in Monroe.

The owner, Jacqueline Rasco, says she and her husband are the only drivers and they're both licensed.

"We take them to and from school, dance practices, football practices, baseball practices, pretty much just wherever parents want them to go," Rasco says.

Parents like Glenell Marles think it's an excellent service. Her kids are regular customers.

Marles uses the rideshare service because she is not able to take her kids to school. She works at a gas station in Monroe, and her shift begins early in the morning.

"We don't have to worry about how they're getting to school or who are taking them," Marles says.

All she has to do is pay a flat rate that starts at eight dollars. It all depends on the driving distance.

Rasco says she knows how hard it is for some parents; she was in the same situation while living in Texas.

"It was a lady in the neighborhood that was just taking kids to school, and we paid her a fee, and I swiped up the idea and came here and started it," Rasco says.

So when she moved to Monroe, she thought other parents would need it too.

"I get a lot of response from the community saying that this business is very much needed in the community," Rasco says.

Rasco says Kid'z Courier different from other rideshare businesses.

"I've been working with kids for over 15 years, and kids just seem to love me," she says.

Rasco says they also give parents a background check and keeps them updated on the trip, relieving parents of some stress.

"That's one less worry that we have to worry about during the week," Marles says.

Rasco says she and her husband are the only drivers and they're both licensed.