Residents grab sandbags to try and save their homes

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CALDWELL PARISH, La. (KNOE) - The water has risen dramatically in Bayou LaFourche, along with the Boeuf and Ouachita Rivers.

The Ouachita in Monroe is expected to crest Wednesday night or Thursday morning, but towns just south are preparing for the worst.

Karl Daughty has lived along Bayou LaFourche just over a year. He says he can't think of anywhere else he wants to spend his days.

"You can sit on the porch and drink coffee and listen to the birds sing," Doughty says.

Now, water from Bayou LaFourche is threatening his oasis.

He says, "You know, I'm in a dilemma, kind of, what I'm going to do."

Just a little while ago he was catching white perch from his dock, and now all you can see for miles is water.

"It's just jumped up pretty quick in a hurry, and I was worried we weren't gonna have enough water this year." He joked.

His friends and neighbors told him not to worry about that quite yet. In fact, the lady that runs the store up the road said to him, 'Mr. Karl, it can come up quick in here'... and it sure came up in a hurry.

Now, Daughty is worry about too much water, and not being able to stop it even though many of his neighbors are lending a helping hand.

He says, "We put a lot of stuff up--my building was loaded out there and we took that to higher ground."

In fact, people all around his neighborhood are busy preparing by picking up and delivering sandbags from the location on highway 4.

Caldwell Parish Sheriff Clay Bennett says their office has been preparing for a while.

"We've had this station open for 2 days, but we've hand sandbags available at the prison now for the past week," Bennett said.

The Ouachita River is expected to crest at 69 feet this Saturday, but Bayou LaFourche and the Boeuf River seem to be causing the most problems for folks.

"Mostly it's down in our Sandy Bayou area, and a little bit in Hebert... but it's nothing it was 2 years ago, yet."

Sheriff Bennett says they're continuing to watch it every day to try and get ahead of it, but as for residents along the bayous, all they can really do is pray.

Daughty says, "I like to know where I'm going to be tonight, you know when it gets dark."