Possible severe weather threatening trees

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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Record-breaking rainfall last weekend left trees on their last leg. The wet weather made the soil so soggy that trees are either leaning or falling over.

"The ground is so saturated - even with the dry spell we had last week, it's still saturated," says Troy Cage, owner of Cajun Tree Cutters.

He says rain has been non-stop since November and that's got them backlogged because they can't get their equipment out into the muddy ground.

The possible severe weather this weekend has Cage worried too. "As wet as the ground is if we get any kind of wind," says Cage, "I'm telling you 25-30 mph wind will do it."

"I mean we're getting trees right now that are falling without any wind going," Cage explains.

That's why his crews are out cutting down as many dead, old or leaning trees as they can before the weekend.

Thursday, Cage cut down an oak tree in West Monroe that's been leaning for a while, but last Sunday's rain pushed it over the edge.

"Oak trees are very shallow-rooted and it doesn't take a whole lot to pull them over," says Cage.

So he's telling everyone to make sure they keep an eye on their trees this weekend. Cage says if it looks unsafe, call someone.

"If it looks like it's starting to lean especially towards your house, towards a target which would be your neighbor's house, power lines," says Cage.