Police investigating several holiday decoration thefts

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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Many people spend hundreds of dollars setting up displays to pass along their holiday spirit. Now, some crooks are literally stealing the lights off from homes, but, one homeowner says they won't bring down his holiday spirit.

"I was taking my kid to school on Monday and she said, hey, we're missing some Christmas decorations." - Homeowner says.

The homeowner, who asked us to remain anonymous, says a snoopy inflatable and other smaller decorations were stolen from his yard.

The surveillance video shows the theft happened at around 1:30 Saturday morning.

"They stole the decorations. They didn't even get the power supply to the snoopy." He says. "They broke the tree, so it's useless, and they were missing parts of the other things they stole."

So, he decided to fight back by calling the police and posting the video on Facebook to warn his neighbors.

"I was kinda hoping there was gonna be more video out there cuz a lot of people have cameras these days." He says.

But instead, he received dozens of comments from people saying the same thing happened to them. Now, all he wants for Christmas is the criminals brought to justice.

"If anything, if the people that did it hear about it, maybe they'll re-think their decisions." - He says.

Authorities say they're still looking for suspects and if anyone has any information to contact West Monroe Police and Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office.