People survey damage, help others after tornado rips through Monroe

(Source: KNOE)
(Source: KNOE)(KNOE)
Published: Apr. 12, 2020 at 10:29 PM CDT
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Several homeowners in one small Monroe community were hit hard by Sunday’s tornado. Homes in the Byers Estates neighborhood were left with only two walls still standing and leaving other people trapped in theirs.

“Very scary. Very windy. Real tough.” That’s how Jared Moore remembers the moment the tornado ripped through his house.

“I’ve never been through this. The flood that happened here a couple years ago, and we’re just getting back from it, and now this happens,” Moore says.

“I’m pretty devastated right now. Just trying to figure things out,” Charlie Collins says. Down the block, Collins says he had just wakened up when he looked out his window. “Everything looked calm, and I heard the wind pick up,” he remembers.

“Started seeing debris flying, saw a grill flying through the air and then I knew it was pretty strong winds right then.”

Collins says he was able to get his wife and kids to their bathroom to shelter. “I had heard this really loud bang, and I was like, ‘okay, the windows are gone, but I didn’t expect this type of destruction when I came outside.’”

After the storm, neighbors began inspecting the damage and helping others trapped in their homes. “We actually band together and canvassed the neighborhoods to see who needed help, and thank God nobody was injured,” Collins says.

“Two houses down, we had to rescue like four little infants and two ladies,” Moore says. “House right there.”

Through it all, both men say they are thankful to still be alive. “All of this stuff can be replaced, but life can’t,” Collins says.

“We need to get back to God, because that’s who saved us. Even though it’s unfortunate and very rough, God saved us all,” Moore adds.

KNOE talked with officials with the property who say they have also begun canvassing the area. They’ll start clearing debris Monday morning.