People march through twin cities in La. Life March Northeast

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Hundreds of people marched through West Monroe and Monroe in the Louisiana Life March Northeast.

(Source: KNOE)

"This is a cause that we want everybody to stand for. It's just life from the womb to the tomb," says Jonathan Burton, with Louisiana Right to Life. "That's why we're here man. Just have a great event, just bring people together to be able to celebrate life."

Burton says it's a prevalent issue that needs to be addressed. "Every day, 3,000 to 4,000 abortions in this country every day. So, when you think about those numbers and you look at the situation, 3,000 individuals that will never know what it means to live, but the most important thing, we'll never know what that person was supposed to be."

Graham Nunnelee marched today to show his support too. "It's important for me, because I personally believe that all life is important regardless of where you're born, who your parents are, what situation you're born in,” Nunnelee says. “I think that it's important that we respect life."

The ULM Collegiate Catholic Ministry and Knights of Columbus member says they're hoping to spread the awareness to others, and more importantly, get people to vote November 3rd. "We're hoping to spread awareness for the Love Life Movement,” Nunnelee says.

“There is actually going to be an amendment up for vote of the Louisiana constitution that states that… makes it to where there can be no loopholes when Roe v. Wade is overturned to allow abortion in Louisiana at all. It would completely outlaw it in every case. It would really help support women and the unborn."

"People that are for abortion, we know they've already been born, so what about those kids that have not been born,?" Burton asks. "I'm quite sure they would say, ‘Hey, choose life for me. Can I have the opportunity to at least have the life that you have,?’.”

"This is not a democrat issue. This is not a republican issue. This is not a black issue or a white issue,” Burton says. “It's a heart issue, and we look at how many kids are being destroyed daily. We've got to check our heart, and we've got to be willing to stand for life."