People in Vermont think Bigfoot is causing construction problems

An anonymous flyer in Vermont denies Bigfoot is the reason for a bridge closure. (Source: MGN)
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BRADFORD, Vt. (WCAX) - Is the mythical beast Bigfoot living in Vermont and causing construction trouble? Some residents in Bradford seem to think so.

An anonymous person posted flyers across town debunking rumors that the 8-foot-tall apelike creature is to blame for the prolonged closure of the Creamery Bridge over the Waits River.

The flyer was first spotted at the post office, but can now be found outside of several businesses downtown.

WCAX News went to Bradford on Monday to ask people what they think of the rumors, which the notice calls ludicrous and untrue.

“As many years as they’ve been looking for Sasquatch and not found him or any DNA or anything like that, I think it’s just an— what’s the opposite of an urban legend? A country legend?” said Michael Vinson of Bradford.

Evan and Isaac said they don’t believe the rumors because they don’t think Bigfoot is real. They also speculated that the creature people claim they saw was just someone in costume.

Christopher Brayton and Kristopher Croteau were visiting Bradford from Northfield and hadn’t heard the rumors. Once they read the notice, they told WCAX they think Sasquatch may not be in this part of the state, but he’s somewhere nearby.

“I think he’s farther north,” said Brayton. “In a colder climate.”

Croteau chimed in saying he thinks Bigfoot is in Williamstown.

“One of the first reports ever was actually from Williamstown. Two young kids hunting,” he said.

According to the notice, the construction delay is “due primarily to deck replacement.” We're told the bridge is scheduled to be fixed next month.