Parents in Morehouse Parish are coming up with plan B in response to the district's money crisis

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MOREHOUSE PARISH, La. (KNOE) - When the Morehouse Parish School Board voted to close H.V. Adams and Pine Grove Tuesday night the news traveled fast.
Everyone's talking about it even the little ones like 8-year-old Lauryn Myles who will be moved to another school.

"When they told me, I didn't feel bad I didn't feel disappointed, I just said okay. I'm going to get through this," Myles said.

She doesn't like having to leave the school she's been going to since Kindergarten.

"It's just something in my heart, some things are wrong, and some things are right like it's not right to close H.V. Adams and Pine Grove," Myles said

Now, she's stuck worrying about her future.

"If they are going to have a leap test, they haven't prepared us and it's about to be 2019, after this December and they haven't prepared us," Myles said

Parents and the community have been meeting at New Mt. Olive Baptist Church to learn what options Lauryn and hundreds of other students have.

Pastor Emmett Randall said parents talked about taking the students out of the district, but he said that does more harm than good because the district gets thousands of dollars in state money per student. It's money that would be lost if students leave.

"If people take their children out of the system, and which I think we've been averaging 250 kids a year, if we lose that many kids again in may, where will you be this time next year?" he said.

Parents have every legal right to pull their students out if their child goes to is a 'D' or 'F' rated school they can go to a school rated 'A' 'B' or 'C' inside or outside the district, but they are responsible for the transportation.

Randall said that could be a problem for some, which is why he's also throwing around the idea of starting a charter school.

"What does a parent do? They are going to have to make adjustments, and no one is looking at the human side of this, it's all about money," Randall said.

But, time is of the essence and Lauryn said it's not on her side.

"I'm just thinking it's okay Lauryn, it can't be that bad," Lauryn said.

Parents and school board members also said they want the state to come in and take over. That was going to be the case before last night's meeting, but officials with the state said they're taking a step back now that the board appears to have a plan.