Overnight social media craze propels painter into king cake business

Magen Cheramie’s dream of becoming a full-time pastry chef is finally within her grasps, thanks to an otherwise unsuspecting post on Facebook. / Source: WAFB
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LAROSE, La. (WAFB) - Magen Cheramie, a house painter in LaRose, La., is trying to keep up with thousands of notifications after posting an otherwise unsuspecting picture on Facebook of the south’s favorite pastry - a king cake.

No big deal, right? Wrong. This picture has her and her family scrambling to draw up a business model, literally overnight.

Cheramie says she loves to cook and has created dozens of king cakes and other treats the past few years out of her house.

“A few years ago I made some boudin kolaches and brought them to work and passed them out to the other workers," she says. “They loved them and wanted to buy them from me but I never did anything with it.”

Most of her confections have been made for and sent to friends and family. She says she’s probably sold around 30 boudin king cakes in the last couple of years, mostly for special occasions like Mardi Gras and Christmas. Last year, she amped up her recipe with even more savory, southern goodness.

“I got the idea to put crawfish in it last Christmas,” she says. “I sold a handful.”

After posting her latest fusion of southern cuisine and french pastry, the crawfish boudin king cake, to her personal Facebook page, all of that could soon change.

Over 4,000 shares, comments, and likes later, Cheramie’s dream of becoming a full-time pastry chef is within her grasps.

The overwhelming reception prompted Cheramie to create a Facebook page for her new startup business, Magen’s Cajun Kitchen, and overnight, she’s gotten over 2,500 likes. The shares, tags, comments, and inquiries on how people can get their hands on one have been rolling in like “les bon temps;” the good times.

“I have people wanting to drive from Mississippi and Texas to come get one,” she said.

Right now, the crawfish boudin king cake, filled with pepper jack cheese and topped with bacon and a homemade crawfish cream sauce, is only available for pickup.

Cheramie says her first goal as a budding entrepreneur is to figure out to ship the tasty treats to the thousands of drooling mouths.

“I did not expect this at all. This is all so surreal,” Cheramie says. “Becoming a full-time pastry chef would be amazing and a dream come true!”

If your mouth is watering after reading the words “crawfish,” “boudin,” “bacon,” and “king cake,” strung together, visit Magen’s Cajun Kitchen on Facebook and get ready to take a drive down the bayou. From what we’ve seen in the comments, it’s worth it!

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