Our dry weather pattern will come to an end this week

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(KNOE) - We're still dry for now and more severe drought is settling into northeast Louisiana to start off December.

Now we do have some changes on the way and it starts with a bit warmer temperatures tomorrow and especially Monday before we see some soaking rain on Tuesday that could potentially put a dent in the drought we're dealing with. The rain is all ahead of a cold front that will be sweeping through by the late afternoon on Tuesday and will definitely drop our temperatures quite a bit by the weekend.

Overall tonight temperatures won't drop too much more, only to the upper 40s so we'll be a little warmer than last night. And tomorrow looking to be just as warm as today in the low 70s by the afternoon which is a few degrees above average. Normally we're sitting right around 62 for the beginning of December.

Monday night we'll start to see the rain chance creep back into northeast Louisiana but the real soaker will be Tuesday with a good coverage of showers and thunderstorms through the day. Make sure to bring your umbrella when you head out the door in the morning because we could see upwards of 1 to 1.5 inches of rain north of I-20, and about .50 to .75 inches to our south so.

While it won't put a huge dent in our severe drought, it is definitely much needed rain. Once the cold front passes Tuesday afternoon the temperature is going to drop like a rock into the lower 30s overnight and mid 50s during the day, which is nearly a 20 degree difference from the beginning of the week.