Ouachita Parish Police Jury introduces trash collection ordinance

OUACHITA PARISH, La. (KNOE) - The Ouachita Parish Police Jury introduced a trash collection ordinance Monday night.

The ordinance would require citizens and businesses in Districts D&F to contract out trash collectors for maintenance. Source: (KNOE)

If approved, it would require residents and commercial businesses in garbage district No. 1, districts D and F, to contact their own maintenance.

They would be able to pick their own company as long as it handles “periodic collection, conveyance, and disposal of such solid waste.

According to Juror Dr. Ollibeth Reddix, this isn’t a new idea but rather a permanent solution to previous ordinances. She says it would help restore order and cleanliness to both districts.

"It has to become where it's normal to have a trash provider that it's normal to have picked up. That it's not normal to burn your trash in your back yard," said Reddix, District D Juror.

Other organizations in Ouachita Parish also agree that the routine trash pickup services would be a boost to the environment and encourage responsibility.

“Just like anywhere in Ouachita Parish if you don’t have a collection service if you collect litter on your private property somebody’s got to dispose of it,” said Stuart Hodnett, Coordinator with Ouachita Green.

The ordinance will be further discussed and voted on at a later date.