Black men asked to make pledge against violence with “1,000 Man March”

Published: Feb. 28, 2020 at 9:01 AM CST
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The Ouachita Parish NAACP is making a stand against violence among black men in Monroe with its first-ever “1,000 Man March.”

All men involved in the march are being asked to make a pledge designed to hold themselves and their peers accountable for helping to put an end to violence.

Ouachita Parish NAACP President Ambrose Douzart said that he feels this march will allow people to better understand the work that the NAACP does.

“We decided to put this together and see how it works, with the full movement to do what we’re doing. That is to bring about awareness, to take a pledge, look, we can take another option in life to make this city a greater city,” said Douzart.

Douzart said the march was inspired by the NAACP’s 1917 Silent Protest Parade, which brought awareness to the lynching of black bodies.

For black men, in particular, Douzart said this is a necessary call to action.

“There has been a great increase in the black community of violence and (inaudible) crimes. And we hope again that it would end in the black community, and that’s why we reach across racial lines. We’re not saying just black men. No, we’re saying all men.”

Douzart said he is hoping this will be the beginning of an ongoing movement to bring awareness to violence. The march will take place on Saturday at 9 a.m. It starts at Washington and North 4th streets.