Number of car burglaries rising in Ruston and Lincoln Parish

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RUSTON, La. (KNOE) - There has been an alarming number of car burglaries in Ruston and Lincoln Parish in the past few weeks.

Ruston Police ask everyone to call them immediately if you see suspicious behavior. /Source: KNOE

The Lincoln Parish Sheriff's Office and Ruston Police Department are working to find the people responsible.

Clint Williams, with Ruston Police, says there isn’t one specific area being affected. The suspects are checking cars all across the city.

He also says that once the burglaries start, suspects usually don’t stop.

"When we do have vehicle burglaries, they do tend to come in clumps. This is no different,” Williams says.

He also says the burglaries that are happening now can be avoided, because the suspects in most cases aren’t smashing windows or
forcing their way inside cars.

"These suspect or suspects will walk the neighborhoods looking for unlocked car doors. They may check 100 car doors, and they may break into 10 that they find unlocked.”

People can avoid these car thefts by simply locking their doors.

"Number one, you always want to lock your vehicle even at your home. You never want to leave valuables in your vehicle. Don't leave your wallet. Don't leave your weapons. Don't leave any small electronics, anything of value in your vehicle and visible."

Williams also reminds people to call police immediately if you ever see any suspicious behavior.