Northeast Louisiana Groups Lending Florence Victims a Helping Hand

Published: Sep. 13, 2018 at 10:44 PM CDT
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Help is on the way for those in Florence's way thanks to many Northeast Louisiana folks.

Several groups are sending resources to help out.

The United Way of Northeast Louisiana and "Operation Never Stop" are just two of a handful of Louisiana groups sending resources to the Carolinas.

Hurricane Florence inching closer to landfall.

As the storm barrels down on the Carolina coast, Northeast Louisiana groups have help on standby.

"We're able to do it here remotely through technology, " said Janet S. Durden, the United Way of Northeast Louisiana President.

The United Way of Northeast Louisiana is lending a helping hand from our backyard.

"We can be a part of a national network of 211's around the country that are offering assistance during this time of disaster," said Durden.

Their 211 network makes response efforts easy with just a simple text.

In return, they connect people in the Carolinas with resources that can help.

"The minute United Way Worldwide sent out a call for assistance, our 211 directors immediately came to me and said 'I'd like us to be in the front lines.' And of course, we want to do that."

"It's starting to pick up a little bit here," said Brandon Bell, who is with Operation Never Stop.

Brandon Bell is also in South Carolina.

His organization Operation Never Stop helped out with several natural disasters including massive Louisiana flooding in 2016.

They're a jack of all trades non-profit.

They put out sandbags, and help people clear trees.

Wednesday night, they're on standby for whatever Florence brings.

"All we can do is just be prepared as much as possible, you know, we're just sitting on standby, and we hope that it doesn't become that kind of situation where we're super busy, but it's highly likely."

The United Way goes online next week for recovery efforts.

To help people through United Way, text your zip code to 898-211 to connect to 211.