String of burglaries in North Monroe has residents feeling unsafe

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Many residents in North Monroe are concerned for their safety after a rash of break-ins.

Lisa Patrick is the Principal at Jesus the Good Shephard School and also the one behind a neighborhood watch meeting on Wednesday night. She says this is one step in the right direction.

"I refuse to let criminals run us out of our neighborhoods, make us leave our homes," Patrick says.

The meeting took place at the Good Shephard School, and dozens of people went to share their concerns about their safety with law enforcement.

Officers told neighbors how to keep thefts from happening and the best ways to help police.

One recent burglary victim says the meeting is an excellent first step to stop the thieves.

"I think it's good anytime the neighbors get together and brainstorm about what's going on, and it does make me feel safer to know, you know, I'm not in it alone and that we're all advocates together." - She says.

Law enforcement says the first step when dealing with a burglary is calling your department's direct dispatch line. They say it can help them get to your location quicker.