New traffic roundabouts coming to Arkansas Road in West Monroe

WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE) - Update 8/19: The opening of the roundabouts has been delayed several weeks due to what DOTD calls "delays in obtaining and installing the signs."



Arkansas Rd. in West Monroe is seeing some new changes. There will be four new roundabouts at older intersections including Warren Dr., Kiroli, Good Hope, and Forty Oaks Farm Roads.

The roundabouts will help alleviate the traffic back up in the area. For some drivers, they think the new addition is unnecessary.

"I really wish they wouldn't have started doing this because it's a hassle. I think the road was just fine the way it was," said Edward Madison, who lives in the area.

Skip Dean pastors a church directly across the street from Kiroli Road. He’s been there almost thirty years and said it’s been a long time coming.

"I like it, I think it's going to be very hand and useful," Skip Dean, Pastor of Highland Baptist Church.

But Madison said it's adding fuel to the fire.

"It's really dangerous trying to go around what they already have built."

The roundabouts will make sure traffic flows constantly by eliminating the stoplights and signs in the middle of the busy intersections.

"It can be at certain times of the day and with these red lights so close together it really got kind of packed. I think this will be really good," said Dean.

Madison has lived in the area for one year and said that people drive recklessly and that the roundabouts will only make it worse.

"Almost at least once or twice a week [people] come through here blowing the horn slamming on the brakes out here all the time."

Drivers will need to pump their brakes and drive with caution as they adapt to the flow of traffic.

"It'll be a big adjustment but I think the guys who worked on the road have done a good job, and I think people will really appreciate it."

According to the La. Department of Transportation and Development, Kiroli Rd. and Warren Dr. will be back open by Aug. 22.