New testing services at ULM's Asbestos Lab

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MONROE, La. (KNOE 8 News) - For the past year, the lab has been testing things such as ceiling tile or roof shingles for asbestos. Now, they're able to test for mold.

ULM Toxicology Professor John Herrock this testing comes in handy for people who are looking to renovate their home or business. He says samples could indicate a potential water problem, such as a leak, and unlike asbestos, it's a lot easier to detect.

"If you've had water damage and you see fuzzy stuff growing on it and it's black, green, or some other color, you know that there is a mold present and we can certainly identify that and make sure its mold and not something else," says Herrock.

Herrock says the lab can only detect mold in the samples that customers give them, but they can not tell them if there's an overall problem in their home or business. To do that, he says you can contact you local mold inspector.

Contact the ULM Toxicology Asbestos and Mold Analysis Laboratory at 318-342-1812, or Lab Director John Herrock at 318-342-1859.