New technology in the Twin Cities helping with mental health symptoms

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) - A new technology system made to help with mental health symptoms is now in the Twin Cities.

"Our minds are a very powerful thing and learning to gain control over those functions is empowering," Amber Allen says.

That's why Amber Allen and her co-workers at Ascent decided it was time to bring a new mental health service to Northeast Louisiana.

Biofeedback helps with the symptoms of conditions like autism, addiction, and depression without medication.

"We originally got into this for ADHD kids because we saw that they were overmedicated in this area," Allen says.

Today, the non-profit showed us how it works. You just take a seat, then a clinician puts a clip on your ear, and a computer monitors your heart rate and breathing.

Games and music are also used to help control the symptoms and clients can see their progress on a monitor.

"Number one, it helps them calm down, it helps them to be able to become aware of what's going on with their bodies," Allen says.

A Neurofeedback system is also offered for people to monitor their brainwaves.

Director Sara Starter says it's all about helping the client understand their symptom.

"It's more about treat the symptom and helping them live a better life," Starter says.

So far, Allen says the feedback has been great.

"We've gotten great feedback as far as people being able to sleep better, decrease in migraines, decrease in anxiety, depression, I mean the symptoms are endless on what it can help," Allen says.

Ascent says the treatment is available for people of all ages.