New interstate may impact Mississippi residents in its path

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MEADVILLE, Ms. (Gray DC) -- A new interstate may be coming through Mississippi. Interstate 14 is America’s newest highway. Construction has already begun in Texas and if Congress approves the remaining route, it would stretch through Louisiana and Mississippi.

Meadville, Mississippi homeowner Dixie Clay has a house that sits right off of U.S. Highway 84. She is worried she may have to leave her house, pictured here, if the proposed I-14 route is approved. (Source: GrayDC)

The interstate would follow U.S. Highway 84 from Natchez to Brookhaven, and then connect to the current Interstate 59.

But there are some roadblocks. The Mississippi Department of Transportation said hundreds of people may lose their land or homes.

“This house was built by my mother and father. It’s been here for 45 years,” said Dixie Clay, who lives along the route. Her home could be impacted.

Meadville, Mississippi homeowner Dixie Clay loves her home.

“It’s a nice home and I plan to live out my days here,” said Clay.

Putting I-14 on Highway 84 behind me here in Mississippi means Dixie Clay’s property would be cut off from the main road. Currently, her driveway is direct to Highway 84.

“My home would be damaged because of proximity to the highway,” said Clay, if the proposed route is approved.

Gray DC got some drone footage of her property, where it shows how close her home is to the current highway.

She said a newly constructed frontage road would go straight through her front yard.

“It is not something I would look forward to,” said Clay.

But the price tag alone might put the brakes on the entire project.

“We don’t even know this will be officially designated and happen,” said Jas N Smith, the Deputy Director of the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

Jas N Smith, the Deputy Director of the Mississippi Department of Transportation says it would cost billions of dollars Mississippi just cannot cough up.

“We don’t have the resources,” said Smith.

“You look at pros and cons on everything. That’s something we’re going to have lots of discussions before this actually takes place. Nobody has actually committed to anything,” said Smith.

Lawmakers are hoping to vote to approve the route by the end of the year. They include Representatives Steven Palazzo and Michael Guest from Mississippi, Congressmen Mike Johnson and Ralph Abraham from Louisiana and Representatives Kevin Brady, Mike Conaway, Bill Flores, Roger Williams, John Carter and Randy Weber.

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