New interactive map lets people know if state waterways are safe

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NEW ORLEANS, (AP) - A recently created interactive map lets people know if pollution has made a Louisiana waterway unsafe for swimming, and tells anglers whether it's safe to eat their catch.

The map shows 58 sites where contaminated fish have been caught or the bottom's too polluted for safe swimming.

Clicking on a fish-and-fish-hook icon shows the advisory.

Department of Environmental Quality scientist Al Hindrichs says you should read it all, because recommendations vary.

For instance, nobody should eat any fish from Capitol Lake in Baton Rouge, while in the Upper Calcasieu Estuary, only crab fat's on the don't-eat list.

Most suggest limits of anywhere from 8 ounces a week to six 8-ounce servings a year.

Two advisories only warn against swimming. Two others bar swimming and limit fish consumption.