Neighbors say packs of feral dogs are back in North Monroe

MONROE, La. (KNOE) People living near Forsythe Park say there are packs of feral dogs roaming their neighborhood. They say the dogs first showed up after the 2016 floods, but are back now.

"Recently they came at night, there was a pack of about six of them," says Alison Tugwell.

Neighbors say the dogs killed many cats a few years ago, and just a few weeks ago they saw the dogs again. Another cat was attacked in the same neighborhood.

"When you hear that sound you know that sound," says Nikki Simmons, who lives near the Garden District.

Simmons says her neighbor's cat was killed last time.

"They took my neighbor's cat to the emergency clinic one night after they got him, I don't think he made the trip."

Neighbors say every time the Ouachita River rises, they see more dogs in the area.

"[They] probably live over the levee in the wooded areas somewhere, and when the water comes up I guess they don't have anywhere else to go. It seems like they come at night," says Tugwell.

They've called Animal Control every time they've seen the dogs, but say nothing really changes.

"Somebody told me it was seventy dogs in the garden district when they did a round up several years ago," says Tugwell.

She says she knows it's costly to pick up the dogs, but something has to be done. Especially, because the dogs could hurt people.

"In addition to cats, other small animals, or small dogs or kids even," says Tugwell. "You know when the dogs get together they become the pack mentality."