Neighbors in the Garden District say speeding drivers are costing lives

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MONROE, La. (KNOE) Neighbors in Monroe's Garden District gathered Saturday morning to tell drivers to stop speeding through their community.

Ember Carmichael says speeding drivers have killed four dogs in the past few months. She says her dog Miloh was hit and killed by a car last Monday.

Her neighbor, Emily Walter says she also lost her dog Luna about a year ago.

"These are like our babies, we love them so whole-heartedly," Walter said. "They're more to us than just pets."

Walter and Carmichael aren't the only ones who've lost their pets.

"And we actually have another friend, her dog was hit on New Year's day, the person didn't stop,' says Carmichael. "The dog had a collar on and everything. It was right in front of her house. She had to wake up the next morning to her dog in her driveway."

So these two women decided to organize a walk Saturday morning, bringing awareness about speeding.

"We started talking, and we decided that we wanted to do something about it, just bring awareness to the speeding issue in the Garden District," says Carmichael.

Carmichael says she'd like to see speed bumps put in and speed limit signs installed on the smaller side streets in the Garden District.

They say drivers really need to pay attention.

"Yea it's very frustrating too, the fact that these could have been completely avoided if people would have just followed the speed limits or paid attention," says Walter.

She says with a school nearby, Walter says drivers are lucky they didn't hit kids.

"There's a school, there's a church, there are businesses, there's all kind of thriving things in that neighborhood, and we want them to be there for a while," says Walter.

Carmichael and Walter say this is just the first event of many they're planning.

They also say they're working on a petition to bring speed limit signs to streets without them. They've talked to the Monroe City Council about the issue, and plan to again sometime this month.