Nearly 500,000 people voted early for Nov. 16 election

(Source: KNOE)
(Source: KNOE)(KNOE)
Published: Nov. 11, 2019 at 11:46 AM CST
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According to the Louisiana Secretary of State's Office, 489,654 people voted early for the Nov. 16 election. That's about 100,000 more than in the previous election on Oct. 12. 386,468 early ballots were cast in that election.

The main race on Nov. 16 is between Democrat incumbent Governor John Bel Edwards and Republican challenger Eddie Rispone. The latest polling shows the two are in a very tightly contested race that could all come down to who gets more of their supporters to the polls.

We won't know which candidate got the lion's share of the early votes until election day, but we can look at the demographics provided by the Louisiana Secretary of State.

As for early voting this time around, women voted more than men, casting 275,761 ballots compared to 213,786 ballots filled out by men. There was no significant change in the ratio of male voters to female voters from Oct. 12 early voting numbers. Females accounted for 56.3% of early voters for the Nov. 16 election and 56.1% of voters for the Oct. 12 election.

Black voters cast 152,346 ballots whereas white voters cast 322,804 ballots. 14,504 voters were identified as "other" when it comes to race. This is roughly in-line with Louisiana's estimated racial demographics. Black voters made up a larger portion of early voters for the Nov. 16 election (31%) than they did for the Oct. 12 election (25%.)

, black voters heavily favor Edwards. There is some black support for Rispone, though it is very small. White voters favor Rispone at a rate of roughly 2:1.

Democrats cast 226,359 ballots. Republicans cast 186,991 ballots. 76,304 of early voters were identified as being neither Democrat nor Republican. This is a larger spread than we saw on Oct. 12, in favor of the Democrats. On Oct. 12, Democrats made up 43.7% of early voters and Republicans made up 41.3% of early voters. This time, Democrats make up 46.2% of early voters while Republicans make up 38.1%. Voters identified as "other" remained about the same, with 14.9% of the early vote last time and 15.5% of the early vote this time.

Election day is Nov. 16.