National Suicide Prevention Week- Experts encourage people to talk to their kids

RUSTON, La. (KNOE) - It's estimated that more than a hundred people die from suicide each day. That's the country is raising awareness with National Suicide Prevention Week.

The second annual Louisiana Conference on Bullying and Teen Suicide was Thursday in Ruston.

Founder Terry Driskill says bullying and suicide usually go hand in hand. He says while bullying doesn't always lead to suicide, many teen suicides are linked back to bullying.

He says parents and adults should take things seriously if their kids are being bullied, or being the bullies themselves.

He says it's all about opening a conversation with your kids and asking questions to find out if they’re having any problems. He says this can be difficult because bullying can come in many different forms.

"If a girl excludes another girl from the group or a guy excludes someone from the team, or they may start rumors. That's social bullying," Driskill explains.

Driskill says these conversations can lead to healthier ways to fight bullying.

"The three things I like to mention are respect for authority, resiliency or being able to bounce back, and responsibility. You have to be able to take responsibility," he says.

Driskill says this message goes out to parents, teachers, coaches, or anyone involved with children.

For more information about the conference, visit Facebook.