Man recovering after being rescued naked from a hole at a lift station

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WEST MONROE, La. (KNOE) - A man is recovering after he was found naked in a sewage lift station hole in West Monroe.

"It's just horrible,” said Manuel Acevedo works near that lift station on Thomas Road. “You never expect these type of things to happen."

Sewer workers found him Friday morning while doing maintenance work. A little before 9 o'clock, the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office responded.

"[We're working] a confined space rescue. Multiple agencies are working together," said Dusty Harris with the Ouachita Parish Fire Department

When they arrived, they found the man trapped in a small lift station hole, about 18-feet deep. A lift station is used to pump sewage water to a treatment plant.

Officials say the man used milk crates to jump a wooden fence and open a hatch to get inside. They say the man may have purposely gone down there, but they are not sure why.

"There were no injuries involved with rescuers,” Harris said. “The injuries involve with the patient, he's been transported to the hospital and he'll be looked over."

Acevedo hopes the man gets all the help he needs.

"He has another chance to live," Acevedo said. ”He can go, get prayed up, and next time be a little more careful, I guess."

Investigators have not released the man's name. No word if he will face any charges yet.